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Individuals can take an online assessment in just 10-minutes. The custom report provide detailed insights about your areas of Working Genius, Competency and Working Frustration

For teams each a​ssessment can be collated into a team map 

Read the book: 

"Whether you're joining the workforce, volunteering at church, or figuring out what to do in retirement, right now is the time to begin living in your genius."

John Maxwell, author, speaker and founder, Maxwell Leadership

Introducing The 6 Types of Working Genius®

What Sets Working Genius Apart

First, its simplicity. The Working Genius model distils any kind of work down to six fundamental activities. And in relatively short order, it helps people identify the type of work that makes them thrive.

Second, Working Genius is the only tool of its kind that is actually applied to work. Most personality tools help people better understand how they are wired, but fail to explain how that fits together with others in the process of work. Working Genius solves this problem. Not only do individuals gain a greater understanding of the type of work that makes them thrive, but Working Genius provides teams with a better way to think about their dynamics, projects, meetings and even recruitment. 

Working Genius is part personality assessment and part productivity tool for teams. The model can be used in a variety of ways to bring greater success and fulfillment:

  • Leadership development/coaching
  • Job alignment/adjustments
  • Team cohesion and productivity
  • Creating a common language for everyone
  • Clarity around the stages and altitude of work

The 6 Types of Working Genius ®

Applications for you, your team and / or your organisation

There are two fundamental ways that a team can be transformed by using The Six Types of Working Genius.  First, individual team members can increase their productivity and morale by maximising the time they spend in their areas of genius and minimising the time they spend in their areas of frustration. Second, a team can significantly increase the likelihood of success by ensuring that they have filled all six of the geniuses required to get something done. Thankfully, these approaches are best accomplished together. The question is, “how?” Here are four practical steps to make it happen.

Four simple steps: 

Step 1:  Have every team member complete the assessment and review their individual reports.

Step 2:  Get together and have every team member reveal his/her areas of genius, competency and frustration.

Step 3:  Map out the team’s geniuses, review and discuss the collective results and their implications. 

Step 4:  Identify any adjustments that can be made to fill areas of genius that are lacking, and perhaps to reorganise roles and responsibilities to allow people to better utilise their areas of genius.

Using Working Genius, a team can identify, discuss and address individual and collective problems in only a few hours. 

Certified Working Genius Facilitator

Since seeing the Working Genius model in March 2021 and integrating it into my client offer, I have now completed the Working Genius Certification Training with the Table Group. As a Certified Facilitator, I have received hands-on training from their team and been equipped with the tools and resources to help people leverage the Working Genius model with individuals, teams and organisations.

Please contact me to discuss how we might work together. I'd love to hear from you.

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